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General Conditions of Use


In the event of contradictions the german Conditions of Use take precedence.


We do not take responsibility for linked websites (see "Extern Links"). Like every other website, also this website is not 100% secure. Should you happen to find any mistakes or inconsistencies please contact us immediately (, leave the website and scan your platform.

Extern Links

This website has links to other websites. SACC-Services cannot take influence on these websites. Should you find a dubious link, please contact us immediately.


In many cases third parties (like Google) arbitrates ads. Please notice that we cannot influence them, but you can give feedback in such a case. Advertisements are our only source of income. The ads are decent placed and won't disturb your experience. Using adblockers violates the conditions of use.

Copyright and Third-Party Rights

On our website there is content provided by SACC-Services and content provided by the users. On content provided by SACC-Services we have the right to use. Content we don't own the copyright (but right to use) are marked (if not obvious like embedded YouTube-content). By uploading content on our website, the user assures that he has the right to grant SACC-Services the right to use. The user always has the right to ask for deletion of data uploaded by him. At the time developed ads (screenshots, etc) may include content provided by users also after asking for deletion. More about the right to be forgotten in our pirvacy agreement.

Allowed Content

You are not allowed to upload pornographic or extrem violent content. Further extreme-left- and right-wing-materials.

Age Restriction

You are only allowed to use our websites if you are 14 and older.


Our services are currently free of charge and advertising-sponsored. We will announce if there will be changes (see "Amendments of the Conditions of Use").


Like most websites, also we use cookies. Cookies are small data-sets which are saved on your computer. The website has access to this cookies to change and save the language for example.

Account in conjunction with other websites is a platform where you can controll your profile, which you can use on other websites (without a new registration). All Services powered by SACC-Services may have access to all uploaded data. You can find all services on

Consequences if you don't confirm your mail

We reserve the right to delete accounts with no confirmed email address.

Amendments of the Conditions of Use

We can change the Conditions of Use at any time and unilateral. Such amendments will be published 15 days (in serious interferences: 30 days) before coming into force. Amendments will be published as notification (accessible after log-in) and by mail. If you continue using our services after coming into force, you accept the changes.


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